sexta-feira, 20 de novembro de 2015


Hello there, 

This time I was really quick right? Ok, so once again here it goes a new fan art, this time redesigning in a different and of course way more cartoony style three os the main character of one of the best movies of 2015.....hope you guys like it.......SHIIIIIIIINE!!! \o/

See ya

quinta-feira, 19 de novembro de 2015

Something new!

Hello there,

It's been a while since my last pot, I know that I always start my posts this way, but is true, what can I say!?!? XD So let's forget that part, I'll post something here just to keep the blog updated with some new stuff, I was looking to work harder in different styles, trying to achieve cool results dealing with something away from my comfort zone, so here it is, a series of heads and some one or two different full body designs.

Hope that you guys like it! 

See ya

segunda-feira, 19 de outubro de 2015

Background test

Hey people It's been a while but here is something that I finally can share with you, this was a project that I was invited to participate for 2 HUGE companies back in Brazil, probably you guys will figure out which companies are them, but I can't mention XD The project was approved by both of them but at the very end of the whole process they changed their minds and used some official art for it, I was very disappointed but people who were working on the project told me that they loved the arts.

So hope you guys also like it, by far the backgrounds are my weakest point, so at the end of the day it was a good way to practice! 

See ya!!!

quinta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2015

Mad Max

    Yeah this is true 2 posts in the same day,

     This will be a quick one, here it is a Mad Max Fury Road's vehicle design proposal done as one of my assignments here in the college, the whole thing was modelled in Maya with the textures and final touches done in Photoshop.

      Hope you guys like it! See ya....

The force is too strong in my family.......

   Hello there,

   So people here is a fan art of the most anticipated movie of 2015......yeah The Force Awakens will be amazing 100% sure, and being a diehard fan as I do here is my fan art for the movie, with all the characters that were presented to us.

   Hope you guys like it, may the force be with you all! ;D

sábado, 5 de setembro de 2015

My Kevin Smith's tee design

   Hello people,

   These last weeks have been crazy as hell for me, some great freelance are happening, but unfortunately I can't share with you guys right now cause I'm still working on them, as soon as I can I'll post here. Speaking about that here is one of the coolest projects that I ever worked, a mashup between Star Wars and Clerks, for Mr. Kevin Smith himself!!! :o 

   Hope you guys like this one and see you soon! ;D


quinta-feira, 6 de agosto de 2015

Regular dude

    Hello There,

It's been a while I know but I'll try to fix this as soon as possible, there's a lot of new stuff that I'm working on that I can't show you guys, so just to keep the blog updated here goes a regular dude that I met yesterday on the bus, it's not a big deal but It was a really fun exercise trying to remember his main characteristics from my memory to cartoonize him. 

So that's it, hope you guys like it.

See Ya!!! 

sexta-feira, 10 de julho de 2015

The boy who wears the green tunic!!

     Hello there,

     It's been a while once again that I don't post anything here, I promise that this time this will change, I've been working on some stuff that unfortunately I can't post here right now cause these materials have legal contractas that I need to respect before share. So here it is, I created this fan art a while ago but I never posted here, this is my tribute for the franchise game ever created!

Oh, don't forget to follow me on my Instagram, I've been more active there, so check it @gusbatts

   Hope you guys like it!

   See ya

sexta-feira, 29 de maio de 2015

My Instagram is finally updated

    Hello People,

   Just passing here to inform you guys that my Instagram account is finally been updated, so follow me there gusbatts. I'll post here some samples of stuff that I'm uploading there! Hope you guys like it! See ya!!!

segunda-feira, 4 de maio de 2015

Some samples of my kids' book assignment for the college!

        Hello there,

        Here are some samples of one of my very last assignments for the college before the summer break, this one was a really fun one and I had so much fun working that I couldn't even considering this as an assignment, but actually a time to relax during that crazy time! 

        Hope you guys like it!!

        See ya

Me by myself XD

       Hello people,
       New post here, this time an illustration that I did for my new and updated resume, hope you guys like it! 

       See ya!!! 

quinta-feira, 2 de abril de 2015

More Character Design!!! \o/

Hello people,

So here are some new stuff for the blog, actually I've been working on this project for a college assignment, anyway it's a great way to practice and at least have some fun! 

These two designs are based on our game design assignment, the theme that we choose was spacial steam punk pirate, it sound weird and crazy but it is fun as hell to design with it. The following characters are the hero (the armless guy) and the evil dude (the croc), sorry to refer to them like this but we still miss their names! XD

Hope you guys like it! 

See you soon!!!


sexta-feira, 27 de fevereiro de 2015

Spock has joined the light

Hello Folks,

Quick post here, just a small tribute to one of the most important actors from all time, I've been a great fan of Star Trek but I totally understand the value of this old man!

Mr. Nimoy you will be missed! Live long and prosper!!!

Hope you all enjoy it!

See ya!! 

segunda-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2015

Character design and turn around!!

Hey folks,

I know that I'm late but the college assignments will kill me soon, holy crap we have so much stuff to do that I can't work on my personal stuff!

Anyway this was a cool assignment that I was allowed to play with my own style, I had so much fun with this one, hope you all enjoy it!

Hope I see you soon!